Tidal Wave

When one thinks about the greatest discovery of all time, it's hard to grasp the concept, let alone arrive at any specific answer. According to the "The Secret of the Ages," Robert Collier makes it clear that there is a universal law that we all have available to us. He suggests that the greatest discovery made by man is: "...that every man has within him a particle of 'Creative Force' endowed with infinite intelligence, infinite Resource; that he can call upon this Power at will; that it is as much the servant of his mind as was ever Aladdin's Fabled 'Genie-of-the-Lamp' of old; That he has but to understand it and work in harmony with it to get from it anything he may need- health or happiness, riches or success." (p2.) More important that any discovery is that we share in the Co-Creative process with the divine creator of our universe. By gaining a deeper insight and delving into ourselves, we begin to experience our perceptions of the outside world through a different lens. We start to see things that astonish us, and we find ourselves mesmerized by the complexity of life. There is also a chaos that seems to spiral inward at very unexpected times. By recognizing that a certain amount of chaos exists and discovering a method or two to overt the potential disasters of happenstance, we overcome many of the potential obstacles in our quest to attract wealth and life abundance. Awakening to a whole new vista of experience that was hidden to us before, it's impossible to double back on your core knowledge of universal law and unlearn what has been revealed. Therefore, consider your motivation for seeking life abundance, why you seek it, and what success really means to you. Then, do everything in your nature to refine your ability to converse and create with God simple abundance in your life. Make a daily effort to connect with Godly energy. Only with this type of dedication can we explore the subtle realms that intertwine themselves with our physical dimension. We must dedicate our hearts and minds to discovering the Secret of the Ages, for it is a gift everyone can receive. The most powerful forces of nature are those that are invisible. It is likewise with man, that our most powerful aspects are hidden to normal sight. It takes the development of a spiritual center of awareness that eventually becomes ceaseless in our nature to set the stage for abundance and achievement. To attract wealth of the correct variety, we must dedicate ourselves to this one singular task. Any distraction will only cause a dizzying misdirection of personal energies for us to eventually work around. Most of us don't realize that we share such a power with God. However, if you want to embody this concept, realize first that we must align ourselves with the ways God had in mind. You share in God's glory, and so does every human being on the planet. If we could get but a small percentage of humanity to understand our connections to divinity, nature, and an omnipotent intelligence, the world as we know it would end, and a new landscape of human perception would renew and enrich our lives. God gave us more than just the natural habitat in which we live, he gave us an abundance of resources that allow us to learn about and discover the nature of ourselves. Plants, animals, and minerals all create with an aligned focus upon divine energy. Humanity is then left with a decision to align or not to align, but if we choose to mimic the ways of nature and how God is expressed through it, a new dimension bursts forth. We are open to receive the simple abundance that God's grace bestows upon us and to attract wealth of a new variety into our lives. Many, who arrive at these subtle spaces of vibration and thought, describe the experience as being an all encompassing view from multiple perspectives at once. Or, they describe something seemingly more beautiful, meaningful, and connected than the normal every day world in which we usually find ourselves. Moving toward a life that follows universal law will surely allow for you access to a realm of health, wealth, and happiness. More and more people, scientist included, are beginning to see that there are more interconnections throughout our universe than we ever could imagine. When we start to ponder the concept of multiple dimensions co-existing at once, and how that might change our understanding of ourselves, we find that our potentials are unlimited and that there truly is an invaluable energy source surrounding us. Whatever we lack comes from a lack of understanding at a fundamental level. If we could understood that there can be no lack in an ever expanding and ever abundant domain created by a universal law of divine energy, you would begin to see that there is, and always will be, plenty for everyone. Forget the old systems of thought control that causes us to believe that there is not enough to go around. There most certainly is enough to go around so long as the greed, power, and control systems governing our world are weakened by a new type of public awareness. This general awakening of the minds would most definitely reverberate through time and space to reach back to a generation of thinker who's conscious mind is in tune to the shifting times ahead. The importance of awakening the public to these universal laws is growing by the day. As we spiral toward a new governing body controlling the planet, individuals must educate themselves in the knowledge of the global elite, and to introduce the law of attraction, simple abundance, and the true meaning of health, wealth, and happiness to a public who believes in scarcity, limitation, and lack, is one way we can move forward with humanity.

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